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So I wore a casual #coronation #Elsa for the Fan Days Kickoff Party on Friday night. I just got my flat fixed and I’m about to be Houston bound so let this hold you guys over until I can get a proper computer and share images from the weekend. 
#Frozen #Disney #pseudocosplay #ice #queen #wig #teal #blue #purple
I think I have a new favorite cosplay! Unfortunately I also have a flat tire :(
#boo #cosplay #blackpuddlequeen #couragethecowardlydog #blue #makeup #purple #wig #contacts
Hard to get ready for a con with a pooch that has to be all up in mah face :P

Wicked songs: my summary


No One Mourns The Wicked- fuck yah party
Dear Old Shiz- the school motto
The Wizard and I- you go green girl
What is this Feeling?- fuck u. Fuck me?
Something Bad- goats can sing good
Dancing Through Life- dat ass
Popular- dat ass!
I’m Not That Girl- aww bb
One Short Day- fuck yah…

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i have a bad habit of opening up to people fast if i feel comfortable around them cuz i always think people are as trustworthy as i am